X-ray tubes

Cold cathode x-ray tubes are used for the Scandiflash systems. The robust design and a small focal spot size make these tubes ideal for ballistics and detonics work.

All x-ray tubes, except the Model 1200 kV tube, are self contained, i.e. a separate tube head is not needed for remote operation of the x-ray tube. The tube is directly connected to the pulser by a flexible high voltage coaxial cable. For Model 1200 the tube is connected directly to the pulser output.

The tubes are demountable with all parts individually replaceable to keep operating costs low. The consumable parts can be replaced on site after a number of exposures at a fractional cost of a new tube.

The same tube can be used for both single and dual tube operation. For applications where the low energy radiation is essential, e.g. to improve the contrast, an optional soft x-ray adapter may be used. Using this adapter a thin plastic window is fitted to the tube. This window will transmit radiation with energies down to a few keV.

​The focal spot size determines to a large extent the quality of the radiographs. The smaller the focal spot size, the sharper the radiographs will be. The tubes may be used with a 1 mm spot size giving sharp radiographs even at short source to object distances.
xraytubes high resxraytubes high res
xraytubes high res
For straight line tubes the x-ray beam is emitted along the tube axis. The optional right angle tubes have the x-ray beam emitted at 90 degrees to the tube axis.