Multi anode tubes

In some cases very closely spaced x-ray sources are needed to minimize parallax. For these applications we have developed so called Multi Anode Tubes. These tubes have several fine focus x-ray sources built into the same vacuum enclosure. One pulser is used for each source. The pulsers are fired in a sequence, and the times between the exposures are set by delay generators.

The radiation from the tube is directed onto a fluorescent screen placed behind the object. The screen converts the radiation into visible light and produces visible images on the back side of the screen. These images are captured, intensified and stored by a high speed camera.

Multi anode tubes are usually designed for a specific application. The number of sources, their positions and the operating voltage are chosen to match the application.
highspeedcamera high res1highspeedcamera high res1
highspeedcamera high res
Target penetration studies with multi anode tube (courtesy Fraunhofer EMI 2010)
TransparantArmor high resTransparantArmor high res
TransparantArmor high res
Transparent Armor: Projectile: 7.62 mm x 51 AP steel core @ 850 m/s conventional transparent armor without Ceramic Front -> No Erosion and Deformation of Steel Core (Courtesy Fraunhofer EMI 2010)