The Scandiflash flash x-ray systems were designed for use in applications requiring short and intense x-ray pulses. Typical applications are found in ballistics, detonics and hyper velocity impact studies.

The systems are designed to give radiographs of the highest possible quality. The nanosecond exposure time will effectively prevent motion blur. A small focal spot sizes gives radiographs with high sharpness. The wide voltage range and the possibility of using soft x-rays allow optimal penetration and contrast to be achieved for most applications.

Get in touch with Scandiflash to discuss your requirements. The chances are high that you can find a suitable system in our standard range of machines. If your application requires a more specific solution, our technical staff will help to evaluate your needs and build a system tailored to meet them.
Scandiflash Model 300 Flash high resScandiflash Model 300 Flash high res
Scandiflash Model 300 Flash high res
Scandiflash Model 300 Flash X-ray System
Three radiographs showing a small Aluminium ball impacting at 6.58km/s on a thin Aluminium plate. (Courtesy University of Dayton Research Institute)