Containerized x-ray systems

​Full scale ballistic testing is for safety reasons often done at remote sites. Arranging and protecting the measuring equipment can be quite costly and time consuming. The Scandiflash containerized flash x-ray systems can be transported and quickly set at different test sites. The container may be protected on site by e.g. concrete blocks and no special building is needed.
The system is built into a modified 20” ISO container. The container is reinforced, insulated and heated. Everything needed for the system is factory installed in the container. X-ray tubes and tube cables are stored in the container during transport or storage.
xray systemsxray systems
xray systems
The pulsers can be positioned along one of the long walls or two plus two at the inner short end. The pulsers are firmly fixed to the reinforced side walls.

The electronics hardware needed for system is installed in a 19” cabinet. The cabinet is reinforced and the electronics left fully assembled during transport.

Gas bottles used for insulation of the high voltage parts are fixed to the container wall. A four channel roughing pump system is used. Up to four tubes can be pump down at the same time.

The container has eight x-ray tube cable ports; four along one of the long sides and four at one of the short sides. One or two cables can be used. Two cables are used for systems with dual x-ray tubes. The cables are firmly fixed from the inside. The ports are sealed from the outside. Ports not being used are closed with steel covers.
All signal cables going into or out of the container are connected to a patch panel. The panel is protected on the outside.

The system is operated from a Laptop. The Laptop can be positioned inside the container and connected to the control electronics via an Ethernet cable. For tests where the personnel cannot be close to the test area fiber optic cabling is used. The fiber optic cable is connected to the patch panel.

The container system can be transported either by truck or tractor. The ISO design allows the use of standard lifting devices. At the test site the container is protected with concrete blocks.
Containerized x ray systems high resContainerized x ray systems high res
Containerized x ray systems high res